Prepare to Swoon: 6 Sweet New Movies Are Coming to the Hallmark Channel This Spring

The Hallmark Channel is making sure that you have the most romantic Spring on record, thanks to its upcoming lineup of sweet new movies. So, not only do you have warm weather and sunny days ahead of you but a whole new collection of Hallmark Channel movies to keep you swooning into the evening.

Hallmark recently announced that it will debut six brand new films as part of its "Spring Fever" lineup, which will join the channel's ever-expanding group of romantic titles. Each new movie will air on Saturday nights at 8 p.m. between March 16 and April 20, so make sure you pencil them in, otherwise you'll miss stories about a couple falling in love after rescuing a dog, sparks flying between people renovating a house, and more.

Check out the descriptions for all of Hallmark's new additions ahead, then refresh yourself on some of Hallmark's best-ever holiday films.

March 16: Flip That Romance

As the title suggests, this movie follows a pair of house flippers named Jules (Julie Gonzalo) and Lance (Tyler Hynes), who used to be a couple but have since broken up even though they each own half of the same duplex. They decide to see who can flip their half better, which eventually leads to a magazine editor offering the winner a cover, igniting the competition between them. Will they be able to flip their homes, as well as their romance?

March 23: Love to the Rescue

Nikki DeLoach plays single mom Kate, who ends up crossing paths with single dad Eric (Michael Rady), both of whom have promised their kids that they can adopt a rescue dog named Bruce. To settle the matter, they agree to joint custody for a month to see whose home would be a better fit for the pup, but as it turns out, Kate and Eric end up being a pretty good fit for each other.

March 30: A Brush With Love

Jamie (Arielle Kebbel) wants to be a painter, but facing the reality of the risky career choice is stressing her out. Fortunately, fate intervenes when she's selected to exhibit in a big art festival and finds herself courted by not one but two men: handsome businessman Jamie and her best friend's brother, Max.

April 6: True Love Blooms

Sara Rue stars in this sweet movie as Vikki, who runs her community's garden. When Chace (Jordan Bridges), a cute developer trying to replace the garden with condos, arrives on the scene, she has to navigate both the threat of losing the garden with her blossoming feelings for Chace.

April 13: Bottled With Love

Hallmark all-star Bethany Joy Lenz holds down Bottled With Love, which is about a Boston workaholic, Abbey, who puts an anonymous love letter in a bottle with only her email address on it and tosses it into the harbor. A few months later, the son of the CEO of the company that Abbey works for happens to stumble upon the bottle in Maine, and the pair strike up an online relationship, as they clash in real life at work. Opposites attract!

April 20: Easter Under Wraps

Just in time for Easter is an especially tasty romance starring Fiona Gubelmann. The movie follows her character, Erika, who is the marketing director for a chocolate company. She's sent undercover to figure out why sales at the company have started to slip and meets a dashing chocolatier, Bryan (Brendan Penny), who tells her that the chocolate isn't as good as it used to be after their company started using automation. Erika and Bryan realize there's more between them than just business soon enough.