The Harry Potter Movies Aren't on Netflix, but Here's How You Can Watch Them

Sometimes you just really need a Harry Potter movie marathon, know what I mean? Sure, there are TV shows and movies on Netflix and other streaming services that scrape the surface, but they can't bring the nostalgic magic like the eight films inspired by J.K. Rowling's epic book series.

While the final Harry Potter movie premiered nine years ago (yeesh), fans know their love of "the boy who lived" stands the test of time, and all we have to do is rewatch the series to relive the magic all over again. So how do you go about finding them to watch? The Harry Potter movies are not available on Netflix right now, but there are plenty of other places to go anytime you want to return to Hogwarts. Here's how to watch them:

Syfy / USA Network

You can stream all eight Harry Potter movies on USA Network or Syfy if you have cable or a streaming service subscription with a package that includes Harry Potter. You can also watch Harry Potter movie marathons on these channels when they air them, which happens pretty often!


All eight Harry Potter films are available for purchase on Amazon right now for $7 each, or $.99 each to rent for 30 days if you're not ready to fully commit. But come on, who isn't, really? You can also buy all eight films on Blu-ray for $50.

Google Play

If Google is more your style, all of the Harry Potter movies are available for individual purchase on Google Play for $4 each, or all eight at once for $62.


YouTube Movies has all eight Harry Potter movies available for $8 each, and $4 each to rent for 30 days.


You can buy or rent all of the Harry Potter movies on iTunes — just head to the iTunes Store. The movies are available to buy for $15 each or to rent for $4 each. You can also buy all eight movies at once for $80.

DirecTV Now and Other Streaming Subscriptions

If you've got a streaming services subscription with a package that includes either SyFy or USA Network, you can watch the Harry Potter movies instantly. DirecTV Now costs $50 a month, Sling TV costs $30 a month, FuboTV costs $55 a month, and YouTube TV costs $50 a month.

Additional reporting by Tara Block