The High School Musical TV Show Looks Like If Glee and The Office Had a Baby

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Today's hot take: Disney's trailer for High School Musical: The Musical: The Series — which is based on the High School Musical franchise — actually looks interesting. The clip, which dropped on Aug. 24, gives viewers a sneak peek into what we can expect when the docu-style series premieres: drama, romance, and lots of singing. It's like The Office meets Glee, and we're not totally mad at it.

The show will center around a group of East High students who are recreating High School Musical for their Winter theater production. So the series won't take place in the actual HSM world, but instead at the fictional high school where the movie was filmed. The students will vie for their desired roles as the beloved characters, including Gabriella, Sharpay, and Troy — and as one girl puts it: sh*t's about to get real. (Yes, apparently there's going to be some expletives — this is Disney+, not Disney Channel, people!) Watch the trailer above and get ready to mess with the status quo when the show premieres on Nov. 12.