Is Your Dog a Hufflefluff or a Ravenpaw? Take This Quiz to Discover Their Hogwarts House

Have you ever looked at your overly friendly dog and thought, "I bet he's a Hufflepuff"? Or maybe watched your cat intentionally knock something off your table and determined, "She's probably a Slytherin"? Well, now you won't have to guess — the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, a Florida animal shelter that sorts adoptable dogs into Harry Potter's Hogwarts houses based on personality traits and temperaments, has made its "Pawgwarts" pet-sorting quiz available to the public.

The quiz (which you can take here) includes such questions as "Where is your dog when you get back from Pawgwarts?" and "When meeting new witches and wizards, which statement best describes your dog?" It's a quick and easy way to officially determine which common room your fluffy friend would reside in; or, for people still searching for their perfect pet, decide which "house" of dog they should search for at the Orlando shelter.

Check out some adorable photos of the sorted pets at Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, then take the quiz to discover your perfect Harry Pawter pet.

With Hogwarts-themed kennels, Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando showcases dogs' personalities

The houses are Gryffindog, Ravenpaw, Hufflefluff, and Slobberin

Look at this adorable Hufflefluff!

Bambi the dog was sorted into Gryffindog

Even cats can be sorted into Pawgwarts houses!