We Need to Talk About How Damn Different (and Hot) TWD's King Ezekiel Looks Without Hair

While attending the Comic-Con panel for The Walking Dead on Friday, most fans found themselves blown away by the action-packed trailer for season eight, as well as some revealing quotes from the cast. But me? I found myself blown away by how damn gorgeous Khary Payton is.

Typically when TWD watchers see Payton, he's wearing King Ezekiel's elaborate gray wig and heavy coat. In real life, however, the 45-year-old actor has a shaved head, which makes him a) practically unrecognizable, and b) very attractive. Before you take a look at the photos ahead, I suggest grabbing a water bottle, because Khary Payton is going to make you extremely thirsty.

Getty | Albert L. Ortega

Like . . . damn.

Getty | Lorne Thomson

I think I just got a hot flash.

Getty | Lorne Thomson

I can't stop smiling?

Getty | Lorne Thomson

Never put that wig on again, sir.