Bachelor in Paradise: We Just Want to Sing Mike Johnson's Praises From Now Until Forever

In case you're new here, we've taken it upon ourselves to lead Mike Johnson's campaign to make him the next Bachelor. We're not the only ones who fell in love with Mike during his time on The Bachelorette and, quite frankly, we haven't seen one reason why he shouldn't be the leading man.

Cries were heard across the country (or was that just me?) when Hannah Brown said goodbye to Mike on season 15. However, even she remains a big fan of his. During the season's "Men Tell All" special, Hannah said she would be rooting for him, and then she went on Jimmy Kimmel Live a couple weeks later to endorse Mike, along with another former contestant, as the next Bachelor. Who said exes can't support one another?

If you're thinking about how Mike just showed up on season six of Bachelor in Paradise and, therefore, couldn't be the next star, you're wrong. Maybe you've forgotten that Colton Underwood went from The Bachelorette to Bachelor in Paradise to The Bachelor? And if I have anything to say about it (which, well, I don't), then Mike will follow Colton's path. OK, maybe I don't have this kind of ABC pull, but Chris Harrison does, and he already confirmed that Mike is a contender. Let's see if we can help push that decision over the edge, shall we?

Mike Has a Stable Career and Goes After Success

Mike Looks Damn Good in a Suit

Mike Is Truly Looking For Someone Who Looks at Him the Way He’s Looking at This Goat

Mike Is Close With His Family

Mike Has a Great Sense of Humor and Fun Spirit

Mike Can Open Up, Even With Countless Viewers Watching

Mike Makes Sure Life Is Never Boring

Mike Has a Smile That Could Turn Anyone Into a Pile of Mush

There Haven’t Been Any Rumors About Mike Having a Girlfriend While on The Bachelorette, So . . .

Just saying . . .