Mr. Robot: The Quick and Dirty of How Season 1 Ends

The season two premiere of USA's addicting hacker drama Mr. Robot isn't until Wednesday (unless you caught Sunday's sneak peek!), but we're already too excited to contain ourselves. We've rounded up everything we know about Mr. Robot's second season, but before you dive into what's about to happen, you should make sure you know about what has already happened. Chances are, you watched the first season finale months ago, and you may have forgotten exactly what goes down with Elliot and company. Here's what you need to remember! Obvious spoiler alert: major plot twists from season one lie ahead.

  • Elliot is delusional. Christian Slater's character has been a figment of Elliot's imagination this whole time. Elliot is projecting a version of his father, who actually died years ago thanks to a toxic waste dump (courtesy of Evil Corp.) that killed both Elliot's dad and Angela's mom. Mr. Robot was the name of his father's computer repair shop.
  • Elliot is missing three days of his life. Elliot wakes up in Tyrell's car and realizes that he can't remember the past three days of his life, during which his Mr. Robot alter ego was in control. Armed with the realization that, yes, he has a very dangerous alter ego, he tries to figure out what transpired. He goes by and talks to Tyrell's creepy wife but ultimately goes home to watch the world fall apart in the wake of the hack he orchestrated (in his blackout) on behalf of society.
  • Angela is now working for Evil Corp. Poor Angela is broke and essentially left with no choice but to take a PR job working with her greatest enemy: Evil Corp. She then witnesses her new boss committing suicide during a live TV interview and has to go buy new shoes. Not the best day.
  • Whiterose and Phillip Price know each other. If you watched past the end credits, you caught a scene between infamous hacking leader Whiterose (BD Wong), who is disguised as a man, and Evil Corp. CEO Phillip Price. They share a brief conversation by the fireplace that will hopefully be explained further on season two. Check it out:
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All caught up? OK, now look at what's in store for season two.