Here's Exactly How Much Nudity Is in Fifty Shades of Grey

Whether you're planning on seeing Fifty Shades of Grey or not, I know you're all wondering one thing: how much nudity is in it? We already knew Jamie Dornan wouldn't be going full frontal, but that doesn't mean there aren't some NSFW shots of him. Don't worry, there's some Dakota Johnson too. Here's a laundry list of everything that's shown, for your reference.

  • Lots of boobs. Just Ana's boobs. No other boobs. Trust us, you will be very familiar with Johnson's body after this.
  • Tons of butts. Not only do you see a lot of Ana's butt, but you also get to see a really solid amount of Christian's butt. As Dornan describes, "There's quite a long shot of my [butt]." Indeed there is, and not just one. You'll see butts in the bedroom, in the bathroom, in the living room, and of course, in the Red Room.
  • So much pubic hair. At first, there's just a brief shot of Ana's pubic area, but later, there's a full-frontal shot of her. It doesn't last very long, but there's full bush. Christian also reveals quite a bit of pubic hair, which leads us to . . .
  • The top of Christian's penis. Don't get too excited, but you do get to see the very top of Christian's penis. Sadly, they cut away before you see more. Still, given that we didn't think we'd see any of Dornan below the belt, it's like a little gift.

Now you know. Will you head to the theater to see what comes after this moment? (Hint: it's a butt.)

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