The Bachelor: Bet You Can't Guess Catherine Agro's Age

Catherine Agro was first known as the girl who brought her dog on The Bachelor. She quickly earned a less cute title by becoming the girl who interrupted four women's conversations so she could get more time with Colton Underwood — possibly sealing her fate as season 23's villain. We all know how villains tend to work out on the show, but there's a common ground between Catherine and Colton (besides the first letter of their names) that could work in their favor.

Catherine is 26 years old, and so is Colton — which makes him the second-youngest Bachelor ever. Of course, being the same age doesn't mean the two will be walking down the aisle, but there's a better chance that they're on the same page at this point in their lives. She works as a real estate agent by day and aspiring DJ by night. Hopefully she's ready to settle down like Colton is! We'll see if they connect enough to make it to the finale.