The Bachelor: Hannah G. Has Plenty of Time to Find Someone Who Deserves Her

The contestants on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor came from a variety of backgrounds, and there was a good age range between the various women. Twenty-three-year-old Demi teased 31-year-old Tracy about her age, and the two of them were pretty much at opposite ends of this season's age spectrum. As for the final three contestants, Hannah G. was 23 when The Bachelor started filming. Cassie was also 23, and Tayshia was 28. (Colton, for reference, is 27.)

Even though some of the contestants, including Hannah G. and Hannah B., were on the younger side, age didn't seem to factor into their relationships with Colton. Both Hannahs seemed genuinely invested in the Bachelor star. And it's clear from Hannah G.'s emotional reaction during Monday's live episode that she was ready to go all in with Colton. Hannah G. appeared to be ready for marriage if Colton had chosen her at the end of the series, and her age didn't seem to factor into their relationship.

While 23 might seem young for engagement to some people, only the contestants themselves can know if they're ready to take that next step in a relationship. And for Hannah G., it looked like she was there. She seemed pretty torn up about the breakup during the live show, saying that she was "blindsided," especially since Colton kept telling her she reminded him of "home."

Hannah G. may be heartbroken now, but she's still got a life ahead of her to find that fence-jump-worthy love. Whether it's within the Bachelor franchise or outside of it, Hannah G. deserves to be more than second-best, just like Colton told her during the emotional first part of the finale. Fingers crossed that she'll be someone's first pick in Bachelor in Paradise.