4 Theories About The Vampire Diaries Finale That Will Either Make You or Destroy You

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The Vampire Diaries finale is almost here, and we're getting even more anxious about how the series will come to a close. Even though we can finally rest assured that Nina Dobrev will be back, there are still a lot of lingering questions out in the open. Does Bonnie die? Will Elena and Damon finally get their happy end? And what kind of hell will Katherine raise this time? Now that we're down to the final episode, fans have been going crazy on social media posting theories about the finale. If you can't stand the wait or you just don't mind knowing the ending, keep reading for the most compelling theories below.

Elena Wakes Up From the Sleeping Curse

Even though Kai didn't undo the sleeping curse during his three-episode arc, the teasers for the finale do show Elena reuniting with Damon. Does this mean Bonnie finally found a way around the spell now that she has her magic back? Or worse, did Bonnie really die from the Maxwell bell?

Stefan and Elena End Up Together

If you're a Stelena fan, then you better hold onto your seat. After Kevin Williamson posted a picture of Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley on set, some fans were left wondering if there will actually be a Stefan and Elena reunion in the finale. It would definitely explain why the episode is titled "I Was Feeling Epic," after Lexi's famous line to Stefan about Elena.

Stefan Dies

Now that Stefan is human, he is the prime suspect for the main character death in the finale. Not only did Paul Wesley admit to tearing up over his final script, but he also revealed that his final scene is with Dobrev. What if the finale teaser is actually Stefan saying his last goodbye? It would be pretty "epic" to have the series end with the one who started it all.

Caroline and Klaus End Up Together

It's also possible that Caroline will end up with the reformed villain Klaus. Not only did Julie Plec tease a crossover between The Originals and The Vampire Diaries in the finale, but she also confirmed that Klaroline will have a little interaction as well. Matt Davis, who plays Alaric, is making an appearance on the spinoff next season. Perhaps the two will take the twins to New Orleans after Stefan dies.