Here's Why I Still Root For Jaime Lannister on Game of Thrones

Jaime Lannister isn't perfect, no question about that, and although I'm slightly ashamed to say so, I'll admit that I root for him on Game of Thrones. It's not like I want him (or any of the Lannisters, for that matter) to sit on the Iron Throne or anything — absolutely not. Like any normal human, I'm #TeamIceAndFire. But still, I hold out hope that Jaime will end up on the right side of Westerosi history. Jaime haters, just hear me out.

First, let's state the obvious: he has some (very) questionable tendencies. From day one, he cements himself as a polarizing character by, you know, pushing Bran out the window, then some self-serving and/or unforgivable acts follow. For those who, like me, have softened to him over the years, allow me to remind you why he's not exactly the best:

  • He's pretty arrogant
  • All the Cersei twincest
  • But especially the time they had sex beside their child's dead body
  • The fact that he can't stand up to her
  • Ditto the fact that he never stands up to Tywin, either
  • He watches as Cersei becomes queen, despite knowing what she did to get there

Bottom line: Jaime Lannister's track record isn't ideal. But, relatively speaking, whose is?! I mean, on a scale from Jon Snow to Ramsay Bolton, Jaime falls somewhere in between. He can be cowardly and he's in love with his twin sister — which, yes, weird — but all things considered, some pretty weird sh*t goes down in Westeros.


Small moments of goodness separate Jaime from Cersei, because aside from her genuine love for her children, Cersei is basically as cruel as it gets. But Jaime? He gives Brienne his sword! He helps Tyrion escape! He talks Cersei out of the supercruel ways she'd like to kill Lady Olenna and makes sure she has a painless death! Sure, he still leaves Lady Olenna no choice but to drink poison and die, but it could have been worse, right?

Unfortunately, that's the thing about Jaime: even the good acts sometimes involve some iffy intentions. For instance, he helps Tyrion escape, but he never actually stands up for Tyrion in front of other people. And, yes, he kills the Mad King to keep the city and its people from burning, but does he do it for them or to save his own life? It's a bit of a toss-up, and season after season, rooting for Jaime can be an emotional roller coaster.


I have faith, though, because in my heart of hearts, I believe that he'll be the key player in Cersei's prophecy and all the times he supported her and disappointed us will just make it THAT MUCH SWEETER when he inevitably kills Cersei and saves the Seven Kingdoms from her evil reign. It would mark the ultimate sacrifice, and Jaime would finally show that he's willing to put the greater good above the person he loves and his family name.

And meanwhile, until then, as he's busy having sex with Cersei, here's live footage of me watching:


Listen, I'm on your side, Jaime, but . . . no.