Somebody Call Batman, Because Jared Leto Is Officially Getting His Own Joker Movie

Well, it's official, you guys: Jared Leto is getting his own stand-alone Joker film, according to Variety. The 46-year-old Oscar winner originally played the character in 2016's much-maligned critical disaster Suicide Squad, which left fans shocked and annoyed by how little the iconic villain appears in the antihero team-up film despite being featured heavily in its marketing campaign. Since then, there have been reports of multiple Joker films — one starring Leto, one starring Joaquin Phoenix, one about the Joker's relationship with Harley Quinn — and it's honestly been hard to keep track of them all . . . especially because it's not necessarily a film DCEU fans even want.

Regardless, Leto is moving forward at Warner Bros. with the untitled stand-alone project as both star and executive producer. The plot is still pretty murky at this point, but it's obvious that the studio aims to expand the universe mapped out in Suicide Squad and create future opportunities for spinoffs. At this point, Leto and Warner Bros. are on the hunt for a writer and have yet to announce whether or not this film will begin shooting before or after Suicide Squad's sequel. Let's hope they clear all this up soon, so we can get back to obsessing over Margot Robbie's upcoming "Birds of Prey" feature for Harley Quinn.