Jason Momoa Reveals the "Coolest" Thing About Playing Aquaman, and It's NOT His Trident

I imagine there are plenty of perks to being Aquaman. Breathing underwater, for example, seems pretty sweet, as does superhuman strength and being able to command sharks to do your bidding. But according to Jason Momoa, current star of Aquaman, the most exciting part of playing the aqua-inclined superhero has nothing to do with his abilities or even that shiny gold trident.

During a recent interview with Us Weekly, Momoa shared that although he was nervous about his kids seeing him in the film, ultimately, their reactions are what he says is the "coolest" part of the entire process.

"The colors are very loud. I'm curious to see my face attached to that body. I feel like the most intimate part of it was being in it and looking at people's faces," he said. "The coolest moment was probably when I got on the phone and I FaceTimed my kids and I saw their faces and saw my wife's face!"

Momoa has been with wife Lisa Bonet since 2005 (they tied the knot in 2017), and the couple shares two children: 11-year-old Lola and 9-year-old Nakoa-Wolf. Momoa even brought them along to the Aquaman premiere in LA and performed the Haka with his children on the red carpet, as a nod to his Maori culture.

"When the trailer had come out, my wife had thankfully held up showing [the kids]. I came home, and I got to experience them watching it for the first time," the Game of Thrones alum continued. "My kids were like, 'Papa, you're so cool.' It was the whole reason to be able to do it, just to be able to have my kids be able to watch something like that. They were with me on Justice League and Aquaman, but when it's all done, and you see it — and they're the perfect age. I'm very, very lucky to experience it with them."

See Momoa's sweet interactions with his family on the red carpet, ahead.