There Are Shades of Jim Halpert in John Krasinski's New Movie

John Krasinski made his name as The Office's crush-worthy Jim Halpert, the sweet, normal guy we all fell for. Even years after the show wrapped up, Krasinski still charms us, perhaps because the charm that made Jim so affable seems to be present in the man who played him, as evidenced by every adorable interview Krasinski gives. Not all of the actor's post-Office roles utilize the Krasinski-Halpert brand of charm, but in his latest movie The Hollars, which Krasinski also directed, it's out in full force. As John, Krasinski plays a character very similar to Jim. Make no mistake, Krasinski may have grown up and past his old character, but there are shades of Jim Halpert in John Hollar. Let me count the ways.

Courtesy of Sundance Institute

His Sense of Humor

John Hollar's sense of humor — and pretty much every wry reaction John has to the people around him — is textbook Jim Halpert. The delivery is exactly the same, which is to be expected when it comes from the same actor, but seeing Krasinski in some of these scenes will make your brain think you're watching an Office rerun. With better hair for Jim. (sorry, Jim).

His Dead-End Job

Jim Halpert makes a certain peace with working at Dunder Mifflin by the end of the series, but in early seasons, Jim is extremely dissatisfied with life as a paper salesman. John is similarly stuck in his career, spending his days at a desk job he can barely stand because he's not fulfilling his real ambitions (being a graphic novelist). For the viewer, seeing Krasinski at a desk and answering his phone again feels like home, though.

His Perfectly Imperfect Love Life

There's no question: the best thing about Jim — and pretty much, the best thing about The Office — was the relationship between Pam and Jim. It took several seasons for them to get together, and while it was satisfying when they finally did, we also got so much enjoyment from watching their will-they-or-won't-they dance. In episodes in which Jim is tortured by his feelings for Pam, he's at his most effective (and attractive). In The Hollars, even though John already has the girl (Anna Kendrick), his insecurities and past threaten their happiness, leaving the couple on shaky ground for much of the movie. But it's great — at least the way Krasinski masterfully handles complicated romantic feelings is.

The Hollars, which debuted at Sundance, comes out this week in limited release.