This Video Is Hilarious Proof That Jurassic Park Was Basically the Fyre Festival of the '90s

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Ask anyone who's seen either of the Fyre Festival documentaries, followed along with the controversy, or was unlucky enough to actually survive the event themselves, and they will likely agree that the following is an accurate description of what the doomed festival initially marketed to their guests: A highly exclusive, luxury vacation put on by an eccentric entrepreneur. A stunning tropical island with beautiful, crystal clear water. Wild sights as far as the eye can see.

You know what that also describes? Jurassic Park.

Thanks to a Nerdist video that mashes up documentary footage with scenes from the 1993 film, we now have proof that the dinosaur theme park has quite a few similarities to Fyre. For instance, InGen's John Hammond promised the world that he'd succeeded in creating the ultimate theme park but hadn't done nearly enough legwork to ensure it would actually succeed. Sounds a bit like Billy McFarland, no?

Check out the hilarious video above to see all the ways both Jurassic Park and Fyre Festival collide (yes, Andy King makes a few appearances).