It's Official: We're Obsessed With THAT Keanu Reeves Scene in Always Be My Maybe

Always Be My Maybe, the latest rom-com original from Netflix, definitely has people buzzing, and with good reason. Aside from the charming leads, witty banter, and downright amazing original songs, the movie is also going viral for one particular thing: Keanu Reeves as "Keanu Reeves." That's right, everyone's favorite chill dude plays a (fairly d*ckish) version of himself for one memorable sequence as heroine Sasha's surprise date. He makes one of the most memorable entrances in recent movie history, and that's only the beginning of a hilarious, self-aware sequence that playfully skewers and exaggerates Reeves's real-life reputation to perfect comedic effect. Check out his already-iconic entrance (and a delightfully uncomfortable kiss with Ali Wong's Sasha) ahead, then see what Twitter had to say about Reeves's appearance in the movie.

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Always Be My Maybe Kiss Scene (Keanu Reeves and Ali Wong)