Kelly Clarkson's Stunning Cover of "Shallow" Will Leave Your Jaw Resting on the Floor

Kelly Clarkson lent her voice to Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's Oscar-nominated song "Shallow," and, oh boy, did she sing it well. During her concert in Green Bay, WI, on Friday, the 36-year-old musician gave her own rendition of the A Star Is Born hit. Clarkson introduced the song by complimenting Gaga, not only on her artistry, but on her genuine personality.

"We're really different, but we're really similar in the fact that she loves music and that's why she's doing what she's doing," Clarkson said. "Honestly, I remember her first single, we actually did a show together combined for some event, and she is one of the only artists that has ever [sent] me a hand-written letter saying, 'Thank you so much, it was an honor to open for you.' She's the nicest lady ever."

"It's cool just to know that someone that talented is also really nice," she continued. "I've been rooting for her for a while. This song, I just, I love it. It's from that movie that she's nominated for a billion awards for, and I hope she wins."

Clarkson frequently performs covers of popular songs during her concerts, as part of her "A Minute and a Glass of Wine" segment. With a stunning voice like hers, who can blame her? Watch her incredible tribute above, starting at the 7:30 mark.