This Fact About That Elvis Presley Scene in Forrest Gump Will Blow Your Mind

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We're willing to bet that you know Forrest Gump like the back of your hand. The movie is packed with memorable moments, iconic quotes, and that one heartbreaking couple (Forrest and Jenny forever). But one thing you might not know? Kurt Russell is actually in the movie. While his face doesn't appear on screen, his voice certainly does for just a few precious seconds. Russell reportedly voiced Elvis Presley during the scene where a young Forrest is showing the musician his dance moves while he's staying in the Gump home. It's never been 100 percent confirmed, and his role was never credited, but it's so obvious that it's him once you watch the scene again. Another fun fact: Russell also played Elvis in the 1979 film of the same name, so he knows a thing or two about the King's voice. Check out the above scene from Forrest Gump to have your mind blown!