The Freakin' Adorable Thing You Never Noticed About Laura Dern's Star Wars Character

The last word I'd use to describe Laura Dern's character in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Admiral Holdo, would be "adorable." Courageous? Formidable? Chic, even? Those are all worthier adjectives. As a close confidant to General Leia Organa and the eventual (temporary) leader of the Resistance, Holdo immediately emerged as a badass figure in the second installment of the new trilogy, inspiring women everywhere. Well, it turns out that she's also pretty damn adorable, as evidenced by a clip from the film that's been making the rounds on the internet.

In it, Holdo dramatically emerges from a cloud of white mist and fires her blaster. But when you take a closer look, she says something while she pulls the trigger. "You can see Laura Dern say 'pew' when she fires the gun, which she could never not do every time she shot it," director Rian Johnson revealed in the commentary on the upcoming digital and Blu-ray release.

Everett Collection

This isn't the first time Dern's hilarious "pew pew" noises have been discussed, however. She actually discussed her inability to keep from saying it in every take while sitting down with Stephen Colbert last August, calling it the "most embarrassing" thing she did on set.

"I didn't know I did it, and I guess they were watching dailies and recognized it deeply," she laughed. "There is a moment where I get to have a space weapon in my hand, and I guess I didn't realize I wasn't back in my bedroom at 8 years old doing the scene. I went 'pew, pew!'"

All hail Laura Dern, am I right?

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