Tessa Thompson and Lily James Play Sisters on the Edge in the Little Woods Trailer

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Tessa Thompson ditches her Men in Black suit and Lily James parts with her Mamma Mia 2 overalls in the trailer for Little Woods, which looks like a dark, captivating drama from award-winning director Nia DaCosta.

The pair play estranged sisters living in a run-down North Dakota town who come crashing back into each other's lives at the most inopportune time. Ollie (Thompson) is just trying to make it a few more days until her probation is over, after she was caught running illegal drugs over the Canadian border, but when her mother dies, she has to come to the aid of Deb (James), her half-sister who's dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and a dangerous ex.

Making matters more complicated is the bank's order that they have one week to settle the mortgage on their mother's house before it's foreclosed. Ollie contemplates selling drugs again to make ends meet, while Deb finds herself considering going to extremes to rid herself of her unborn baby.

The film also stars Luke Kirby, James Badge Dale, and Lance Reddick and arrives in theaters on April 19. Watch the trailer above!