Hold Up — Is [Spoiler] Really Dead on Veronica Mars?!

Major spoilers for Veronica Mars season four ahead. No, seriously — if you haven't finished the season, turn back now!

The Hulu revival of Veronica Mars is packed with major milestones for its characters, especially its central duo Veronica and Logan. After over a decade of will they/won't they, they finally do (literally) — and then, in a controversial gut-punch of a twist, Logan is killed by a leftover bomb presumably intended for Veronica. While we're recovering from the shock, we're already questioning: Is Logan actually dead, or is this all an elaborate fake-out?

As much as we hate to admit it, we're about 99 percent sure that Logan is really, truly, permanently dead and gone. From a practical perspective, it seems pretty much impossible that he could have survived the bomb's blast, especially at such close range, and there's no evidence to suggest that he had any warning time to even attempt to get away or take cover. On top of that, even if he had survived somehow, it would be completely out of character for Logan to not alert Veronica to the truth, even if he went into hiding or on a top-secret mission.

From a narrative perspective, too, it seems like the show would prefer Logan dead than alive. The storytelling of the final few minutes positions Logan's death as the thing that finally gets Veronica to go to therapy (although it's just once) and spurs her to leave on her next adventure, a year later. This narrative framing seems to consider Logan's death as a necessary step in Veronica's story, which has always been motivated, in large part, by the traumas she's suffered. The show seems almost bored with the idea of Veronica growing as a character and evolving, as Logan has, into a mellower but equally badass version of herself; killing off Logan removes the main proponent of her growth in that direction and instead helps her to stay in that hard-boiled, often-mistrustful mold. Whether or not that's a wise decision for the character, the show, or the fans, well, that's a totally different discussion.

So if we're 99 percent sure Logan's dead, what about that other 1 percent? It could just be wishful thinking on the part of fans who can't believe the show would throw a literal bomb into its decades-long central love story. There's just enough wiggle room, though, that the show could get away with bringing Logan back. We never saw the body — which is often a huge red flag in murder mystery stories — and we do know that Logan is a relatively high-up military intelligence officer who specializes in quelling "hot spots" around the globe. The possibility remains, however slight, that Logan survived the bomb and that it was either a setup to get him presumed dead to make a mission easier or that he's been whisked away for reasons unknown — plus there's always the good old standby of amnesia. Any of those reasons would explain why Logan wouldn't be in contact with Veronica after surviving. All things considered, though, we're pretty sure that we've seen the last of our favorite "obligatory-psychotic-jack*ss"-turned-hero.