Quantico: 5 Reasons Lydia Is Definitely 1 of the Terrorists

Everyone has an angle. Last season, Quantico made us wait painfully for the reveal of the mole. In sharp contrast, season two continues to reveal individuals working both sides of the system in rapid succession. It feels as though each character is playing Two Lies and a Truth in every scene. Lydia's duplicitous nature has made her one to watch since the very first episode. From the phony CIA trainee to the reveal that she's Owen's daughter, Lydia seems to slide into a lie as easily as breathing. The writers have tried to throw us off her scent, but this week's episode revealed that this spy is absolutely working both sides. While it hasn't been confirmed that Lydia is a terrorist (she could be a red herring!) here are five reasons that make the case for Lydia being part of the Citizens' Liberation Front.

Lydia Isn't Locked Away With the Rest of the Hostages

When one of the terrorists allows Alex to escape, she runs directly into Lydia who is free and unharmed. The terrorists have been meticulous when it comes to rotating hostages, and it is hard to believe Lydia is just walking around this heavily guarded building undetected. Add to that the discovery that Lydia speaks Swahili, the language the terrorists are using to communicate, and she knows exactly what building the coveted hard drives are being held. There are a few too many coincidences to deny.

Lydia Had the Remote for the Collar All Along

Lydia activates her own death collar knowing full well Alex will jump in to save her. Are we to think that Lydia escaped her captors and managed to get the remote to her collar? This charade establishes the trust she needs to complete her end game with the least amount of interference from Alex. She even confirms that she needs Alex to think of her as a "victim."


She Knows the Satellite Phone Holds the Access Code

The hard drives require a 25-digit code to be accessed. Lydia tells Alex the satellite phone holds a message with the needed code. This insight adds fuels to the theory since only one of the terrorists would know this critical piece of information.

If You Are Looking for Motive, Lydia Has Plenty of Anger Toward the CIA

Lydia has major daddy issues. She's grown up around the CIA and always had to settle for second place in her father's life. After all that sacrifice, she had watched Owen be burned by the agency to which he dedicated himself. Lydia knows firsthand how expendable agents can be, yet she still becomes one. Now, she serves the system that turned on her father, and her success has made him both proud and jealous. It's hard to discern whether she wants to succeed where her father failed or if Lydia wants to burn down the CIA from the inside.

Lydia Passes on the Opportunity to Shatter the Hard Drives

Rather than destroy the hard drives when she has the chance, Lydia takes them with her and leaves Alex tied up to be discovered by the rest of the terrorists. She appears not to have any hesitation about getting out of the city with the drives safely. If the whole purpose of the summit was to eliminate these hard drives and Lydia wants to keep them, she is unquestionably working for another party, terrorist or otherwise.