Forget the Fog — The Most Unclear Thing on Grey's Anatomy Is Jackson and Maggie's Status

Grey's Anatomy has developed many an iconic couple — we're never going to stop loving Jo and Alex or Meredith and Derek. But then there are the pairings that we're never sure about. While we've got MerLuca on the rise and Teddy and Owen head over heels for each other, there's one couple that's been on the edge since its inception: Maggie and Jackson. Will they or won't they last by the time Grey's Anatomy returns to the air? Let's put on our surgical thinking caps and explore.

Maggie and Jackson found their footing after a near-death experience that kicked off season 15. Compared to the drama around Meredith dating her resident and Jo distancing herself from Alex after finding her birth mother, this couple looked rock-solid. They supported each other through Catherine's cancer diagnosis and Richard's sobriety struggle. There were blips along the way, like Jackson accidentally proposing and going MIA for a few days. But up until the season 15 finale, these two were fine, even planning to move in together.

And yet their downfall might be coming. When Maggie finally goes camping with Jackson, their trip drudges up pent-up feelings instead of bonding them together. Their conversation heats up as they make their way back to the car, both physically scratched up from the trip. In a patronizing tone, Jackson quips that Maggie should expand her interests because she's given up her formative years to schoolwork. She replies that he's never had to worry about consequences because of his privilege. While opposites attract, incompatibility may tear these two apart. As Maggie puts it, they may love each other, but they might not like one another at all.

Additionally, the romance between these two thrives best when something goes wrong. For example, Jackson helped Maggie when her mother passed away. And recently, things have only worked for them when April almost died and Catherine underwent a dangerous procedure for her cancer. These two are supportive of each other, but the writers can't keep conjuring traumatic situations to bring them together.

Still, another disaster seems all but inevitable as Jackson goes looking for help in the fog in the latest episode. Unless one of the doctors die or decide to leave Grey Sloan, they'll have serious issues to sort out next season.