Mandy Moore Only Shed Tears of Laughter When She Guessed Lines From Her Saddest Roles

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When her career started out, Mandy Moore had no idea she'd eventually be remembered for making audiences everywhere, well . . . sob uncontrollably. The 34-year-old actress stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Sept. 24 and talked about two of her most iconic (and most heart-wrenching) roles: as Jamie in A Walk to Remember and Rebecca in This Is Us. Fallon took the opportunity to quiz Moore on these fan-favorite projects, and while they may have been talking about some emotional roles, the duo couldn't stop giggling throughout the game. Spoiler alert: Moore really knows her characters. Watch the video above to see Fallon get in touch with his dramatic side to play the game — plus a sneak peek at the upcoming season of This Is Us.