Weezer Had the Best Reaction to Saturday Night Live's Hilarious Sketch About Them

Who knew Weezer was such a divisive band?!

During his hosting gig on Saturday Night Live this weekend, Matt Damon starred in one of the evening's more surprising sketches. No, it wasn't the "dog show for daddies" or even his second stab at playing Brett Kavanaugh; it was the skit simply titled "Weezer." In it, Damon and SNL all-star Leslie Jones go to war over their opinions about the alternative band, with both trying to outdo the other as bigger fans.

"I'm just a little confused because real Weezer fans know they haven't had a good album since Pinkerton in '96," Jones spits at Damon. "Well, that's your opinion, but me, I'm ride or die," Damon shoots back, adding that he thinks "Pork and Beans" is a better track than "Buddy Holly."

Watch the sketch in all its alt-rock glory above, and then check out how the actual members of Weezer reacted to the tribute (of sorts) ahead.

Weezer lead singer Rivers Cuomo:

Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson:

Former Weezer bassist Matt Sharp:

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Watch SNL's "Weezer" skit.