The Trailer For the Action-Packed Midway Movie Is Here, and Wow, the Cast Is Stacked

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Midway is one of the many movies based on a true story coming out this year, and the first trailer already looks promising. The war film, which is directed by Roland Emmerich, centers around US Navy sailors and aviators who fought in the Battle of Midway during World War II. Not only is the two-minute trailer action-packed, but we can't get over how stacked the cast is.

Woody Harrelson and Dennis Quaid play Navy admirals Chester Nimitz and William "Bull" Halsey, respectively, while actors like Ed Skrein, Luke Evans, Luke Kleintank, Darren Criss, and Nick Jonas make appearances as sailors and aviators. Seriously, can we talk about Jonas's mustache? The film also promises to be just as emotional as 2001's Pearl Harbor, as we get a glimpse of Mandy Moore playing Skrein's wife, Ann Best. Watch the star-studded trailer above before the film hits theaters on Nov. 8.