A Million Little Pieces: Watch the Trailer For the Adaptation of James Frey's Infamous Memoir

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It looks like scammers really do prosper because the movie adaptation of James Frey's controversial 2003 bestselling book, A Million Little Pieces, is headed to the big screen.

Boasting a star-studded cast including Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Charlie Hunnam, and Billy Bob Thornton, the film tells the story of 23-year-old James (Taylor-Johnson), an alcoholic and drug addict faced with two options: rehab or death. Like in the memoir — which resulted in scandal when accusations of major embellishment and lies about Frey's experience in rehab came to light — the film follows the main character through his struggle with addiction and recovery as he "heals his broken soul by connecting with other kindred spirits who also yearn and fight for a better life."

Watch the new red band trailer above, and look out for the infamous memoir-turned-film when it hits theaters on Dec. 6.

Trailer 1:

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