Can You Imagine Lost as a Dating Show? That's What Mixology Promises

Mixology is one of ABC's new midseason shows, and the show has some big names behind it, like Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, who wrote The Hangover, and Ryan Seacrest. The series is about five men and five women, all single, who are looking for love in a Manhattan bar. The first season takes place in only one night, and if you're wondering how that will work or how it will continue past a first season, we got answers for you at the Winter TCA from the producers and cast themselves. The short answer? It's like Lost. The iconic mystery series would seem to have little in common with Mixology, so here's what the producers meant by that.

  • "This is like Lost in a bar," executive producer Lucas said, referring to the flashbacks in each episode. "The flashbacks tell you about the characters," Lucas said, which explains how we'll be getting to watch more than a half-hour episode inside the walls of a bar. Those flashbacks, which will take up about one-third of each episode, will also inform the audience more when the characters pair off by the end of the season.
  • Fellow EP Scott Moore addressed how the show will continue past season one, and he likened it to Lost again in the way that "each season changes a little bit." Lucas added, "We're going to change the format to keep it interesting," so maybe there is a chance that all the characters will, in fact, get out of that bar.
  • Finally, how else is it like Lost? "The characters are all dead," Lucas joked. At least, we're pretty sure he was joking.