The Trailer For My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 Picks Up Over a Decade After the Original

My Big Fat Greek Wedding was a critical darling and a box-office hit when it opened in 2002, and one can only hope that same will be true for the sequel. Heck, we already know John Corbett will be shirtless, so how bad can it be? He and Nia Vardalos are back as Toula and Ian Miller, only this time around, they have a daughter. She's all grown up and applying for colleges far, far away from her big fat Greek family. (I know what you're thinking: the original was only 13 years ago, so unless she's a child prodigy, that math doesn't exactly check out.) Also, there's another wedding! The movie is out on March 25, so watch the trailer and remind yourself why you loved the original now.