11 Reasons If You're Not Listening to My Favorite Murder, You're Doing Life Wrong

Were you hooked on Serial? Do you fall asleep to Forensic Files every night? Have you spent hours upon hours with your friends discussing Making a Murderer, The Jinx, and American Crime Story? Well, fellow murderinos, you've come to a safe space. I have a not-so-secret obsession with all things murder — which, I'll admit, sounds a little weird when you say it out loud — and discovering the My Favorite Murder podcast was like coming home . . . if your home is a really creepy cabin in the woods with bloodstains on the floorboards and strange noises coming from the basement.

If you can relate, here's why you need to listen MFM, like, yesterday.

  1. Cohosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark are f*cking hilarious. There are so many laugh-out-loud taglines and quotes that there are even drinking games and bingo boards with their best quirks and most-used phrases. Not to mention all the murder-themed merch you could dream of.
  2. But they also know where the line is. Even though they talk about murder and are super funny, they also make a point to be respectful of the victims. They make a really conscious effort to walk the line between being fascinated and entertained by murder but recognizing that they're talking about real people who died.
  3. This is a judgment-free zone. You are not alone! There is a whole badass community of MFM fans on social media who participate in smart, funny, and respectful conversations. Bonus: the Facebook group is private, so you can post serial killer stories to your heart's content without worrying that your mom will see it and get concerned about your well-being. Mom, I'm fine; I'm just fascinated by murder.

  1. You get recs for other cool murder-y things. They usually spend the beginning of each episode discussing the latest crime-related books, movies, TV shows, and even other podcasts. I've discovered all manner of binge-worthy Netflix shows thanks to their recommendations.
  2. It's like listening to your funny BFFs chatting about murder. Karen and Georgia are all of us trying (and sometimes failing) to remember the details of the latest true crime story we heard about. "I think it was San Diego, no wait, LA." "That was in the '80s, or maybe '90s?" If you're looking for hard-hitting journalism or pros with PhDs going into the science behind DNA, this might not be your cup of tea. But if you want to listen to two women excitedly tell riveting stories about true crime and get outraged about the injustices of the world while also saying the most ridiculous sh*t, you've come to the right place.
  3. It's not super graphic. Obviously, it's not sunshine and rainbows, but they try to keep their descriptions of the crimes from being over-the-top disturbing. They will often say things along the lines of, you can google it if you'd like to know more, but we aren't going to go into every little disgusting detail.
  4. It's hella feminist. In the words of Karen and Georgia, "Toxic masculinity ruins the party again." They are all about supporting women and get infuriated about all the sh*tty things that have been done to women. They also aren't afraid to apologize in episodes about anything they might have said that could have sounded offensive. I appreciate that they listen to their followers on social media and own up to their mistakes.

  1. It's sort of like therapy. Karen and Georgia talk openly and honestly about their struggles with anxiety and how their fears are part of the reason they're so fascinated by murder. Because we all know if you talk about being murdered enough, it won't happen to you — it's science.
  2. You get to hear hometown stories you maybe never heard before. They share other people's hometown stories in addition to their main "favorite murder" stories, so while you may have seen a Forensic Files episode or made-for-TV movie about the more famous true crime stories, the local picks are much more obscure yet equally as intriguing.
  3. Georgia's Siamese cat, Elvis. I'm sorry, but I can't get over Elvis's bizarrely human noise every time Georgia says, "Elvis, you want a cookie?"
  4. You get a lot of practical life advice, especially when it comes to not getting murdered. Like, if "you're in a cult, call your dad." For God's sake, don't go to a second location! Hitchhiking is the best way to guarantee you'll get murdered. And, of course, "F*ck politeness."

Now stay sexy, and don't get murdered.