Exclusive: Nancy Drew Holds Her Own Against a Scary Enemy in a Scene From The Hidden Staircase

Nancy Drew is coming back to the big screen this month in Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase, and this time around the character is just a little more badass than usual. Luckily, we have a sneak peek of just how badass in our exclusive look at the film.

Although she still has a penchant for solving mysteries and hanging with her new group of friends, Nancy (It's Sophia Lillis) also has a thrill-seeking streak, which is evident from all the skateboarding she does. Her fiery personality is also handy for when she's facing off against some of the adults in town who aren't appreciative of her or her father's recent presence in their community, since they're standing in the way of some shady business deals being completed by a few unsavory characters.

You can see exactly what Nancy is up against in our exclusive clip from the film, above, which sees Nancy having a tense conversation with Jesse C. Boyd's Willie Warton, a disgruntled man in town who seems to be in a twist about the train that runs nearby. Check it out, and make sure you catch Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase when it arrives in theaters on March 15!

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