Mysteries Await in the New Trailer For Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase

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Another film adaptation of Nancy Drew is coming to a theater near you! On Jan. 18, the trailer for Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase — directed by Katt Shea and co-produced by Ellen DeGeneres — was released, and it looks like the young detective has quite the mystery to solve. The movie follows Nancy Drew (Sophia Lillis) as she adjusts to her new life in a small town and investigates a series of supernatural occurrences at a nearby house with the help of her friends.

Although the film isn't connected to 2007's Nancy Drew, it does parallel the 1939 movie, also called Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase. Both are based on the book of the same name by Carolyn Keene. Watch the trailer above to get ready for the latest rendering of Nancy Drew before the film drops on March 15!