Claire Foy Teased a "Saved by the Crown" Netflix Series, and I Honestly Wish It Was Real

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Thanks to Netflix, basically any show or movie we could ever want is available on our nearest devices. There are award-winning dramatic films, feel-good holiday classics, immersive haunting series, reboots . . . the list goes on. Sometimes, the options are so vast, it seems like the streaming service wants to cover every topic possible. At least, that's what the hilarious minds at Saturday Night Live believe.

In a parody commercial for Netflix, the show pokes fun at its endless content and explores what could come next. Did you ever wonder what Queen Elizabeth II would've been like as a modern-day high school student? Claire Foy, the host of SNL's Dec. 1 episode, teased exactly what that would entail. The original The Crown star gives the royal teenage life a try, and I'm not mad about it! Watch the fake commercial in full above. Hey, maybe it will even give Netflix some new ideas. I'd watch Leslie Jones in a Van Getting Batteries.