Netflix's Someone Great Starring Gina Rodriguez Is the Rom-Com For You and Your BFFs

Send out your raising hands emoji, because Netflix is back with another rom-com to fall in love with — and it's all about badass female friendships and self-love.

Someone Great starring Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin), Brittany Snow (Pitch Perfect), and DeWanda Wise (She's Gotta Have It) brings us on an emotional roller coaster filled with first heartaches, the importance of a girl squad, and navigating life in New York City in your late 20s.

Jenny (Rodriguez) is an aspiring music journalist that scores her dream job at Rolling Stone. But, while her career is taking off and moving her to San Francisco, her relationship takes a tumble when her boyfriend Nate (Lakeith Stanfield) breaks up with her after nine years together.

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Instead of spending another day drowning her sorrows in booze, her best friends Blair (Snow) and Erin (Wise) come over for some TLC. She brings up an idea to have one last hurrah with the girls before she leaves. She's determined to get into one of the hottest events in the city, but scoring tickets seem impossible. This leads them on a wild journey of weird Craigslist meetings, unexpected hookups, and awkward run-ins with an ex's cousin.

The movie sets it up to rally around your best friends, forget about the guy, and just have fun. However, it's the moments where Jenny reminisces on the highs and lows of her relationship that pulls on the heart strings. From their first accidental meeting to their first "I love yous," you follow along as she goes through the stages of grief. Also, there's no surprise how quick Gina Rodriguez makes us cry and feel her character's pain. She's not shy from pouring her heart out if you've seen her emotional scenes on Jane The Virgin.


Whether you haven't been through a breakup or the memories are all too familiar, every flashback is like a punch to the gut. But before you opt out on a crying fest, let me remind you it's still a comedy. While your tissue box will never leave your side, the moments of laughter outweigh the tears. From Jenny's mimosa green juice blend to Blair's clingy boyfriend, the connection between the three women brought a lighter side to the film.

It's really the small moments that capture how special their friendship is. From side jokes like "Bad Blair" to displaying their vulnerability, they try to figure out their next chapter together. The film lets us learn more about Blair and Erin without making them side characters to boost Jenny's ego. One sweet moment that stood out was Jenny's memory of her and Nate in the bodega. One touch of a Diet Coke and Selena's "Dreaming of You" playing in the background brought back memories of a singing session that had the girls singing along at the top of their lungs and getting kicked out for it. They support her decisions (even when they didn't agree at times) and let her grieve in her own way.


The power of a female friendship is the catalyst for this rom-com. It portrays a college friendship transitioning to adulthood with the pressures of figuring out who they are. But it's Jenny realizing she has to choose herself in the end that makes this film empowering. At first, she believed their breakup was only because of the long distance, but it was many factors that were leading up the fallout. She's starting a new chapter in her life and walking into adulthood with a new perspective.

But if you're still not convinced to watch the film, the surprising guest appearances, the street fashion (looking at you Latina AF shirt), and the killer soundtrack featuring powerhouse Lizzo should do the trick. Also, it was directed and created by female director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, so if that's not persuasive I don't know what is.

Schedule a movie night with your besties, grab some popcorn, and stream Someone Great on Netflix today!