If Netflix Is Missing a Movie or Show You Love, This Secret Feature Can Help

There is truly no shortage of titles on Netflix, but what do you do when your favorite show or film isn't available? It turns out there's been a simple way to request new titles from the streaming service, hidden in plain sight. While Netflix is constantly revamping its library with fresh content, ranging from original series to cult-classic films, there's actually a page for subscribers to ask for more of what they want to see — the Title Request page.

This "secret" feature was more widely revealed when a fan tweeted at Netflix Phillipines's Twitter account, requesting Chelsea Peretti's comedy special.

While Netflix responded in a casual, carefree way, Peretti herself chimed in, and said what we were all thinking — did anyone get the memo on this behind-the-scenes feature?


The "Title Request" page allows users to give Netflix up to three suggestions for new content at a time. The page also provides links to more information about how the streaming service licenses its shows and films, in case a certain title doesn't make the cut. "This form is the one and only place to submit content requests," the page reads, so if you're dying to watch something particular, this is the way to do it.