The Friday Drop: Little Mix, Ariana Grande, Nelly, and More New Music This Week

Oct 23 2020 - 1:20pm

I'm back with another new music drop, and it's a jam-packed week. Ariana Grande made her return [1] by taking us to the White House with her "Positions" single and Little Mix came for their famous exes with their new bop, "Sweet Melody." Not to mention, K-POP group SEVENTEEN blessed us with a whole new album [2]. As POPSUGAR editors, my colleagues and I love discussing our new weekly music finds, so check out our recommendations in the latest edition of The Friday Drop ahead.

"Sweet Melody" by Little Mix

"Little Mix really brought the fire with this one, literally and figuratively speaking. While the song seems to be directed at the band member's famous exes, almost anyone who's gone through a breakup can probably relate. The lyric, 'He played me / Made me believe it was real love," especially struck a chord with me. But even if you can't relate to the words, the beat alone is just so catchy!" — Monica Sisavat, editor, celebrity and entertainment

"Back to the Streets" by Saweetie feat. Jhené Aiko

"This sounds like a song I'd be blasting through my car speakers while picking up my friends for a girls' night out in college. I love the power that it exudes as Saweetie and Jhené Aiko [3] talk about upgrading within their love lives while telling their former significant others' to be grateful for their time together. 'Consider yourself blessed / You got to f*ck with the baddest,' Aiko says. You have to respect that energy." — Brea Cubit, assistant editor, celebrity and entertainment

"Positions" by Ariana Grande

"My favorite version of Ariana Grande [4] is the one where she dives deep into her R&B bag and brings out the sultry bunny who croons to her lover about what she wants and how she wants it. She's bold, she's brazen, and she's trying to get busy! 'Positions' reminds me of everything from the Dangerous Woman era, where Ariana had everyone eating out of the palm of her hand and begging her for it. I'm completely here for the long runs, the mumble verses, and the plethora of lewks that this era will serve, starting with this single!!" — Mekishana Pierre, associate editor, celebrity and entertainment

"I mean, it's an Ariana Grande song. It's not like I wasn't going to love it. Her vocals, the production, the music video [5] — impeccable." — Brea Cubit, assistant editor, celebrity and entertainment


"I've had 'HOME;RUN' on repeat since SEVENTEEN's new album dropped. I'm not usually into swing-inspired music, but this was an exception. It was really hard not to choreograph a full DWTS routine, as it's just fast-paced enough to get your heart pumping. It was also great motivation while I was on my run, as the beat was varied enough for me to pace myself. Plus, it's just a fun song and the music video is a masterpiece." — Grayson Gilcrease, assistant editor, celebrity and entertainment

"Lil Bit" by Nelly and Florida Georgia Line

"I've been following Nelly's journey on Dancing With the Stars [6], so when I first heard this song, my immediate thought was, 'Where did he get the time?' Nevertheless, it's a bop! The collab is a fun, breath of fresh air that you can't resist jamming out to." — Monica Sisavat, editor, celebrity and entertainment

"Her" by Brandon

"Brandon, who dropped his debut EP, Coming Clean [7] on Oct. 23, begins the track with a gut-punching question, singing, 'How can you love me, but you keep on hurting me? / I try to forgive it, but I'm just in agony.' I honestly can't say that I've experienced true heartbreak, but I definitely felt second-hand hurt listening to this song. However, I refuse to disclose whether or not I teared up while playing the track (OK, I did)." — Brea Cubit, assistant editor, celebrity and entertainment

"Me Matas" by Rafa Pabön and Alex Rose

"I'm a sucker for a good reggaeton love song, and 'Me Matas' checks all of the boxes. It has a hypnotizing beat and lyrics that completely draw you into their story. I've been playing this one on repeat since it dropped on Friday, and I've been in my feelings ever since." — Monica Sisavat, editor, celebrity and entertainment

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