Target Has an Office Board Game That Lets You Play as Your Favorite Dunder Mifflin Employee

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This is an update from the assistant regional manager: Target now sells an Office board game that will put you in charge of Dunder Mifflin. If you've ever spent hours binge-watching the NBC comedy, now's your chance to step into your favorite character's shoes. That's right — you can play as Dwight Schrute, Kelly Kapoor, or even Michael Scott himself. Hilarious quotes are encouraged.

The $15 "Downsizing Game" is all about workplace survival. Can you make it to Friday without getting fired? Gather five to 10 of your closest friends and settle in for a night in Scranton. Each box contains a Dundie award, a dry-erase calendar, employee ID cards, email cards, and more. Be part of Team Michael or Team Toby — but beware of the dreaded pink slips.