Olivia and Fitz's 9 Most Scandalous Sex Scenes

Since Scandal's inception, the main focus of the hit drama has been Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant. Though watching her team of gladiators tackle insane political cases with ease is fantastic, the will-they-or-won't-they pull of "Olitz" takes the cake. Whether you're rooting for Olivia and Fitz or prefer her with Jake, there's no denying that the president and his mistress have a way of lighting up the screen.

Throughout the show's many seasons, we've seen plenty of scandalous moments, including them getting frisky in the Oval Office, sharing heated kisses with the Secret Service a few steps away, and even epic "one-minute" stare-downs that are arguably even more intimate than their sex scenes. Keep reading for nine of the steamiest moments in Scandal history.

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Their First Time

"Take off your clothes" will remain the four words that started Olivia and Fitz's roller coaster of a relationship, and this first-time scene goes down in history as one of the most NSFW of the entire series.

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"One Minute" Counted Two Ways

This isn't a sex scene, but it is a more intimate glimpse into their relationship than a messy pile of sheets could ever show. As they spend "one minute" together in present day and a flashback, we have to take a minute to compose ourselves.

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"Stop. Walking."

This scene is a punch in the gut, as Olivia confronts Fitz about government surveillance and he confronts her about her ex, but then something changes. Anger turns to passion so intense that the Secret Service agents turn their backs to give them a moment of privacy when Olivia and Fitz kiss behind a tree. Like most moments, it ends with her "ending" things, realizing their relationship is exhausting . . . but they always come back to each other.

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Caught in the Act

After a screaming match in the Oval Office about Amanda Tanner, Olivia and Fitz can't resist a passionate kiss. However, it is soon interrupted by Cyrus catching them in the act, ending things before they can go too far. Luckily, that all changes later . . .

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"If You Want Me, Earn Me!"

While this part isn't the steamy portion of the episode, Olivia screaming, "If you want me, earn me!" prompts Fitz to do just that after they watch the clock tick down together. It's this scene in season two that proves he loves Olivia more than his wife — and being president.

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Fitz Chooses and Earns Olivia — in the Shower

Finally Fitz chooses, earns, and loves Olivia. The juxtaposition of Mellie revealing his infidelity on live TV and Olivia and Fitz's passionate shower sex makes it even more scandalous.

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"Mr. President"

Olivia and Fitz take things to a whole new dirty level — on the Oval Office desk. While they have tried to fight their feelings for one another time and time again, it never works, leading to moments like this. After a softly muttered "Mr. President" that would make Marilyn Monroe blush, they get down to business, fully clothed — save for one piece of Olivia's clothing.

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Electrifying the Electrical Closet

This scene hits every point of the emotional scale, from the passion of spontaneous sex in the electrical closet to the heartbreak when Fitz ends things immediately after.

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"I Wanted You to See the Dream"

Fitz had a big dream for him and Olivia, ending in them growing old together with kids in the home he built for them in Vermont. While that can't happen yet, they do christen many surfaces in their dream home, delivering one scandalous moment after the next.