Outlander Kicks Off Season 3 With a Video of Sam Heughan Looking Hot and Holding a Sword

It's been a while since Outlander's season two finale ripped our hearts out of our chests (59 days, but who's counting?), but luckily season three has already started filming. Photos of the always-gorgeous Sam Heughan stomping around some bloody fields while filming the Battle of Culloden appeared in late August, and now we have confirmation from the man himself. In a video posted by Outlander's Twitter account, Heughan — dressed to kilt (ha ha ha, get it?) — brandishes a sword and announces "happy season three day!" from the show's latest filming location. In addition to knowing that we'll finally get to see the iconic battle scene go down, a whole lot more is headed Claire and Jamie's way next season, so make sure you fill up on season three details before it returns in 2017.