How Grey's Anatomy Hinted at Who Owen Will Ultimately Pick in the Season Premiere

Warning: we've got a few spoilers for the midseason premiere of Grey's Anatomy below.

I can see this Grey's Anatomy disaster coming from a mile away, friends. This week, our beloved doctor drama ran back into our arms, and we got to witness the conclusion of the harrowing superstorm that's had us stressed out for months. Of course, many of the characters had their own insanity to deal with over the course of the episode, but on a larger scale, we honed in on two major things: the resolution of the season's big love triangles. That means Owen, Amelia, and Teddy have finally put everything out in the open.

To refresh your memory, Teddy finally tells Owen about her pregnancy in the midseason finale . . . then the two promptly get trapped in an elevator, with Amelia, when the hospital loses power. In the midseason premiere, it doesn't take long for them to loop Amelia into their conversation, and then it's a pretty intense argument from there. Teddy insists that she's not trying to split them up, and she wants Owen and Amelia to be happy. Still, she's going to stay in Seattle because she wants Owen in the picture as the father. Amelia calls bullsh*t and doesn't believe she and Owen can do their thing with this going on. She's nearly at a meltdown point when the power comes on.

It's hard to figure out where Teddy and Owen leave off. He says, "We'll figure it out," and Teddy breaks down outside the OR, in the scrub room. Meanwhile, Amelia decides to step away. She says she's going to give Owen space to consider his options and make a choice. At the end of the episode, he's alone with his adoptive son, left to wonder who he's going to choose.


But come on, guys. Owen's going to pick Teddy.

First of all, Owen and Teddy have a very long history together, stretching all the way back to their time in the military. They're best friends. They know each other inside and out. And yes, Owen's son is important, but you know that big ol' sap is going to want to be involved in every aspect of the life of the child who is paternally and genetically his. It's hard for me to imagine a scenario in which Owen doesn't pick Teddy.

I know, I know. He's built a makeshift family with Amelia: father, mother, son, and son's drug-addict birth mother, who is like a daughter basically. But Owen built this life when he thought his life with Teddy was completely over and when he thought Teddy would never move back to Seattle. It's not that Owen's relationship with Amelia is meaningless; I'm sure they've really built a lot in their time together. But their most recent reconciliation came just in the last 16 weeks! (That's how far along Teddy says she is.) That's just four months of rebuilding compared to years and years of history with Teddy.

If all of that isn't enough to convince you, there's a kind of telling moment in the episode that feels like a big hint. Once the power is back on, Owen and Teddy get their patient into an operating room and get to work. Amelia attempts to scrub in, but Owen says they don't need her and they have it covered. To me, it felt like foreshadowing: the one Owen really needs is Teddy, and that's who he's going to put in the work with. I'm devastated on Amelia's behalf. But hey, maybe she'll be better off.