We’re Calling It Now: Paige McCullers Is A.D. on Pretty Little Liars

Avid Pretty Little Liars fans know that watching the past seven seasons, and now season 7B, has been like being in a relationship. There have been plenty of emotional roller coasters along the way, and just when you think it's over, it keeps you coming back for more. When the Liars got a text from A during the season six finale, it was signed with a new name, A.D., also referred to as "Uber A" throughout the rest of the series. There are plenty of theories on what those initials stand for, but what's even more important is who those initials are attached to — and we have an idea.

Let's start with the basics. We were first introduced to Paige McCullers, played by Lindsey Shaw, in season one, episode 15, when she sets out to become Rosewood High School's swim team captain. Emily Fields, played by Shay Mitchell, had been absent for a brief time, and when she came back, it seemed like the two would remain enemies. But then, Paige comes out as a lesbian and reveals she has feelings for Emily. Long story short, they end up dating, then breaking up, then dating again, and then breaking up . . . again. To say that these two have had their ups and downs is a serious understatement. Through it all, we couldn't help but to be suspicious of Paige and her real intentions in the Liars' lives, but it goes beyond that — we think that she's A.D. Hear us out!

Paige Randomly Returns to Rosewood 5 Years Later

Paige comes back to PLL on season seven after leaving Rosewood in season five. Emily asks Paige why she returns to interview for the swim team coach spot at Rosewood High, even though with her talent she could have gotten a job at a D-1 college. Paige kind of blows off the question and just says that she's put some applications in but saw that this opportunity came up. In this same episode, Alison DiLaurentis goes to get Noel Kahn's file from the principal's office, only to find it missing with the message, "I warned you b*tches. Do you really want to end up dead?" Although not signed, we can assume it is from A.D. Paige is in Rosewood High for the swim coach interview that day, giving her ample opportunity to grab the file. For Paige to come back after all this time and have a pretty strong presence on the show, something is up.

Paige's New Job Title Literally Spells Out A.D.

Emily ends up snagging the swim coach role at Rosewood High, but Paige isn't left in the dust. She is given the position of Athletic Department Supervisor — aka A.D. Supervisor! When Emily tells Alison about the job, Alison (who is a teacher at Rosewood High) says that it's a new role and asks if it was created especially for Paige. Hmm . . . suspicious.

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A.D. Has a Soft Spot For Emily

When Emily oversleeps and misses her Intro to Kinesiology opt-out exam during season seven, A.D. texts Emily saying he or she hacked the computer system and gave her a 92 percent grade but not without saying, "Thank me later, ungrateful b*tch. A.D." Although accompanied by a snarky comment (in true Uber A form), this shows that whoever is behind the madness cares about Emily.

We Catch a Glimpse of A.D.'s Hair

At the end of the season 7B premiere, A.D. hands Jenna Marshall a Braille book. Upon reading it, Jenna says, "endgame." But what you might have missed is that when A.D. hands her the book, the ends of his or her hair — short and brown, like Paige's — are shown at the top of the screen. Could such an obvious hint really have slipped through the editing cracks, or was it purposely placed there? Either way, it got us thinking.

IMDb Listed Paige McCullers as A.D.

Could it be that the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) blew the whole surprise ending to PLL? Believe it. Fans started drawing attention to the (mistake?) listing around the time of the Season 7B premiere in April. A.D. was listed right next to Paige McCullers's name. The movie page no longer says it, but the screenshots don't lie.

As of season 7B, episode 12, Emily and Paige have been working well together at Rosewood High. Sure, there's some tension, since Paige doesn't like Alison and Emily remains close with her, but Emily and Paige still seem to care a lot about each other! For all we know, the two will be together when the finale airs. But if not, just know that we called it — we're so onto you, Paige.