Emma Roberts Is Sucked Into a Candy-Coated Nightmare in the Paradise Hills Trailer

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Director Alice Waddington brings us a twisted, modern-day fairy tale in Paradise Hills, which whisks Emma Roberts, Awkwafina, Eiza González, and more stars away to a remote island full of sinister secrets.

In the first trailer for the upcoming drama, we meet Uma (Roberts), who awakens in an unfamiliar (and luxurious) bedroom and is soon informed that she's been transported to "paradise, of course." In reality, it's a mysterious boarding school that has a way of transforming wayward girls into something else entirely. Milla Jovovich serves as the school's leader, aka The Duchess, but even she can't keep Uma and her new friends from getting to the bottom of the facility's true purpose.

Watch the lush, candy-colored trailer for Paradise Hills above, and keep an eye out for the film when it premieres on Nov. 1.