Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence's Chemistry Is Out of This World in the Passengers Trailer

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A new trailer for Passengers is here, and it's certainly one heck of a ride. In the upcoming sci-fi romance, Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence play two passengers who board a spaceship to begin a new life on another planet. However, things go awry when they wake up 90 years before reaching their final destination. As they start to fall in love, even more chaos ensues as their ship begins to fall apart. Let's just say, the futuristic and dystopian feel is the perfect mix of The Hunger Games and Guardians of the Galaxy. Check out the latest trailer above (then all the past ones below), before the film hits theaters on Dec. 21.

Official trailer:

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Teaser: "Just the Beginning"

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Teaser: "Awake"

Teaser: "Gravity Loss"

Teaser: "Time Out"

Teaser: "Lock Down"

Teaser: "Event"