Pedro Pascal's "Saturday Night Live" Skits Include a Dark and Gritty "Mario Kart" and Sarah Paulson

Feb 5 2023 - 8:15am

Pedro Pascal made his "Saturday Night Live [1]" hosting debut on Feb. 4 (alongside musical guest Coldplay), and the episode was full of surprises. From a dark and gritty trailer for an HBO-style "Mario Kart" series to Pascal's longtime friend Sarah Paulson popping up to play the internet's "mommy" to his "daddy," the skits allowed "The Last of Us" actor [2] to show off his full comedic range — and to break character a few times, too. For the most part, the episode avoided easy parodies of the actor's biggest roles in "Game of Thrones" and "The Mandalorian" in favor of letting him shine in unexpected sketches about Italian waiters and an overprotective mom.

But before he proved he's just as adept at comedy as he is at drama, Pascal kicked off the episode with an emotional monologue during which he thanked his parents for bringing him to America. The actor said that nine months after he was born, his family fled Chile while it was under the rule of dictator Augusto Pinochet Ugarte.

"They were so brave, and without them, I wouldn't be here in this wonderful country," a visibly emotional Pascal said. "And I certainly wouldn't be standing here with you all tonight. So, to all my family watching in Chile, I just want to say, te amo, te extraño and deja de dar mi informacíon personal, which means, I love you, I miss you, and stop giving out my phone number."

Pascal's "SNL" debut comes amid a very busy time for the Chilean actor. The first season of "The Last of Us" is currently airing, and it's already been renewed for season two [3]. Plus, Pascal's other hit show, "The Mandalorian," is finally returning for its third season in March [4]. The new episodes will continue to follow Din Djarin, the titular Mandalorian (Pascal), as he and Grogu — aka Baby Yoda — try to find their way in the wide galaxy. Pascal is also set to star in the upcoming series "My Dentist's Murder Trial" with David Harbour [5].

Check out all of Pascal's "SNL" sketches ahead, including his postapocalyptic take on Mario.

Pedro Pascal "SNL" Promo

Pedro Pascal "Saturday Night Live" Monologue

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Pedro Pascal "SNL" Sketch: "Protective Mom"

Pedro Pascal "SNL" Sketch: "Italian Waiters"

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Pedro Pascal "SNL" Sketch: "HBO Mario Kart Trailer"

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