14 Podcasts Hosted by Bachelor Nation's Most Beloved Former Contestants

Apr 19 2020 - 7:25am

We're very spoiled over here, in Bachelor Nation, with three successful reality TV shows that've become permanent fixtures within the Bachelor franchise [1] and with Listen to Your Heart being the newest addition [2]. Postseason, Bachelor alumni have continued to share the love, interacting with fans by hosting their own podcasts. Each podcast is uniquely different, ranging in topics from mental health to cyberbullying, to pee-in-your-pants funny Bachelor recaps [3] and confessionals, to even mini reunions among old castmates. So, whether you're a Vino [4], IDGIer, Toaster, or listener who "scrubs in," there's a podcast in this roundup for every true Bachelor Nation fan [5].

The Ben & Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast

If you're searching for a podcast that'll reveal behind-the-scenes secrets and uncover what it's really like to be a contestant on The Bachelor [6], then you've come to the right place. Hosted by people who've actually lived it, The Ben & Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast is the king of all Bachelor Nation podcasts. New episodes drop every week, sometimes twice!

Listen to The Ben & Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast now. [7]

The Viall Files

If there was an award for a podcast with the most creative name, it would go to Nick Viall. The Viall Files goes far beyond surface level conversations. Nick isn't afraid to tell it straight, even if his opinion isn't in the majority. You can listen or watch new episodes of The Viall Files every Monday and Wednesday.

Listen to The Viall Files now. [8]

I Don't Get It

Particularly known for their episodes on ghostbusters and real-life dating fails, the I Don't Get It podcast is hosted by Ashley I and her sister Lauren — who you may recognize from Bachelor in Paradise — and former producer, Naz Perez. Listen (and laugh) to three best friends rant on topics they don't get, ranging from airports to creepy neighbors, and everything in between. New episodes are available every Sunday.

Listen to I Don't Get It now. [9]

Scrubbing In With Becca Tilley & Tanya Rad

BFFs Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad are dishing on boy troubles, interviewing celebs, and dissecting their favorite TV shows. It's basically one big girl chat shared with hundreds of their closest friends. Scrub in every week to catch a new episode!

Listen to Scrubbing In With Becca Tilley & Tanya Rad now. [10]

Bachelor Happy Hour

Cohosted by former Bachelorettes, Rachel Lindsey and Becca Kufrin sit down with current and past Bachelor contestants to dish on the latest Bachelor Nation hot goss' while also sharing dating advice and stories of their own. Subscribe to receive new episodes weekly.

Listen to Bachelor Happy Hour now. [11]

Date Night With Raven & Adam

You may know them as the It couple on Bachelor in Paradise, but Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk are possibly one of the most genuine and in-love couples to walk away from paradise. Join them every Monday for a date night, as they offer relationship advice from both a man and woman's perspective.

Listen to Date Night With Raven & Adam now. [12]

Mouthing Off With Olivia Caridi

Olivia Caridi is full of opinions and isn't afraid to share them with anyone who'll listen. Each week, Olivia interviews stars and influencers from the entertainment industry, including fellow Bachelor contestants. Be prepared for rants and gossip galore — this is a mouthing off podcast after-all!

Listen to Mouthing Off With Olivia Caridi now. [13]

Help! I Suck at Dating With Dean, Jared, & . . .

Two of Bachelor Nation's most controversial men, Dean Unglert and Jared Haibon, are determined to find the relationship recipe for success. Speaking with everyone from Bachelor alumni to love experts and psychics, Dean and Jared have the bases covered. You can catch new episodes every week.

Listen to Help! I Suck at Dating With Dean, Jared, & . . . now. [14]

The Betchelor Podcast

Cohosted by Derek Peth, one of the most eligible bachelors of Bachelor Nation, and Kay Brown of Betches, The Betchelor Podcast is a weekly Bachelor recap podcast. With a healthy dose of snarky commentary, we're positive even John Paul Jones would give this podcast two thumbs up!

Listen to The Betchelor Podcast now. [15]

Mommies Tell All

If you follow Carly Waddell or Jade Roper on Instagram, then you know their friendship is just as special IRL as it was on the show. Mommies Tell All touches on everything and anything related to motherhood, pregnancy, parenting, and relationships. New episodes drop every Wednesday!

Listen to Mommies Tell All now. [16]

Off the Vine With Kaitlyn Bristowe

Kaityn Bristowe, or as her Vinos call her, KB, is the OG when it comes to Bachelor contestants starting their own podcasts. She's used her platform to shine a light on mental health awareness, cyberbullying, and what it means to be truly authentic. Her array of guests are pretty spectacular, too. You can catch new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.

Listen to Off the Vine With Kaitlyn Bristowe now. [17]

Your Favorite Thing With Wells & Brandi

Wells Adams and Brandi Cyrus hang out every week to chat about their favorite things, and sometimes invite special guests like Sophia Bush or Brandi's mom, Tish Cyrus! Every once in a while, Wells delivers a drunk Wells episode, which all we can say is pure gold.

Listen to Your Favorite Thing With Wells & Brandi now. [18]

Let's Talk About It With Taylor Nolan

Using her background in psychology and counseling, Taylor Nolan discusses relationships, mental health, and personal development on Let's Talk About It With Taylor Nolan. Episodes are uploaded weekly; make sure to subscribe!

Listen to Let's Talk About It With Taylor Nolan now. [19]

Down to Date With Kendall Long

Listen in every week with Kendall Long, as two strangers go on their first date live in a studio! Couples will answer crazy questions while also telling their potential partner about themselves. At the end, they'll decide if they're DTD (down to date).

Listen to Down to Date With Kendall Long now. [20]

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