Halloween Doesn't Have a Postcredits Scene, but There IS Something Lurking at the Very End

The latest entry into the Halloween franchise is gory, clever, and surprisingly funny, with plenty of nods to the original. The 2018 edition of the classic horror tale sees Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) older, but perhaps not altogether wiser, having devoted the entirety of her life to preparing for the one day she eventually faces down the serial killer who destroyed her childhood: Michael Myers. One glimpse of the trailer should be enough to clue you in on the fact that yes, Michael escapes the psychiatric asylum where he's been held and goes on yet another bloody rampage through Haddonfield — with disastrous results.

Once the heads have stopped rolling, however, should you stick around for a postcredits scene? Fortunately for you, I sat through the lengthy list of credits to find out if some bonus footage was lurking at the end, much like a butcher knife-wielding, bloodthirsty lunatic. The short answer is: no! The slightly longer answer is: if you make it to the end of the credits, you'll hear more of Michael's heavy, terrifying breathing, which could be fun if you're into that sort of thing. But that's it!

Without spoiling anything, the nature of the film's ending would suggest that — like most movies these days — a postcredits scene would be in order. Alas, it seems that David Gordon Green and Danny McBride's take on the Myers saga is content to make like it's 1970s predecessor and keep the film's credits sequence old school.