Princess Margaret Is Relatable on So Many Levels in Season 2 of The Crown

In just two seasons, The Crown has taught us a lot about our favorite royals. From Prince Philip's dark childhood to the strange-but-true things that have happened to Queen Elizabeth II and her family, the Netflix show has been nothing short of entertaining. And while Claire Foy's award-winning performance has been praised by many, it's Vanessa Kirby's interpretation of the glamorous Princess Margaret that has been drawing a lot of attention.

Sadly, the second season follows the Princess as she attempts to navigate her tragic love life. This is perhaps why so many of us have been able to relate to her — after all, we've all been through bad relationships. Read on to see what Twitter users think about her, and learn more about her volatile relationship with Lord Snowdon.

princess margaret is a MOOD

— izzycc (@lookwhoitiz) December 10, 2017

Of course, Claire Foy is fantastic in The Crown.

Can we also talk about how Vanessa Kirby is KILLING IT as Princess Margaret?

— Sarah (@Cinesnark) December 9, 2017

i relate to princess margaret in so many levels

— carol do reino (@liarsmysecret) December 12, 2017

please stop whatever you're doing to pour one out for princess margaret's beautifully brutal takedown of this worthless fuccboi #thecrown

— ❄️uinn (@QuinnKeaney) December 11, 2017

I think my favorite character on The Crown is Princess Margaret because she is all about drinking and smoking and being hungover and crying about boys.

— suzanne (@Oh_Suzanney) December 10, 2017

"Take a look at this face: a picture of disappointment and disgust. This is the look that every woman you ever know will come to share. This is what the next forty years of your life will look like."

I need to start talking to appalling men like Princess Margaret in The Crown.

— Hannah Rose Woods (@hannahrosewoods) December 8, 2017

2018 mood: princess margaret in season two saying "people like you don't get to insult people like me, you get to be eternally grateful"

— Anne T. Donahue (@annetdonahue) December 10, 2017

all i want in life is a lady cave like princess margaret's where i can drink and smoke and listen to records and dance in my underwear and sit in front of the vanity and flop on all my elegant couches #thecrown

— wolly hallace (@h0llace) December 14, 2017

We all like to think we are put together like Queen Elizabeth, but really we are more like Princess Margaret being an emotional not mess 99% of the time #TheCrown

— Sarah Huber (@wcsarah2012) December 13, 2017

We're all just watching #TheCrown for the gin-soaked adventures of Princess Margaret am I right?

— Lisa Bird (@birdy87) December 13, 2017

Princes Margaret deserved better

— 🎅🏿🎁 wheezy🎄❄️ (@Todders14) December 10, 2017

We are ALL Princes Margaret. #TheCrown

— Perry Dubin (@PerryDubin) December 12, 2017