You Don't Have to Be a Cat Person to Want #Justice4Mews

Mega cat-related spoilers for Stranger Things 2 below!

It seems that Stranger Things always gives us someone to mourn because they meet some sort of unfortunate end without the requisite amount of grief. Whereas Justice For Barb was the rallying cry of season one, season two has elicited a need for justice for two characters: Bob Newby and Mews, Dustin's cat. The orange kitty is the companion of Dustin's adorable mom, and all Mews does is bring the Henderson family joy. So when Mews meets his gory end by being a snack for Dart, we were horrified — and we weren't alone (and I can't even think about how tearful and worried Dustin's mom is over the missing cat). Behold how the internet has clamored to get some closure over Dustin's furry friend: