Eminem and Beyoncé Dropped a Single on Taylor Swift's Big Day . . . Interesting

After months of anticipation, Taylor Swift released her newest album, Reputation, on Nov. 10. As listeners processed Taylor's cryptic and coded lyrics, however, another major music release was on its way. That same day, Eminem and Beyoncé surprised everyone with "Walk on Water," an entirely unexpected single.

Tragic coincidence? Most likely. Epic power move? In our minds, yes! While fans can and should enjoy all of the new music to come out of this one day, it is interesting that Eminem or Beyoncé — or their teams — decided to choose this particular day that was unofficially claimed by Swift so long ago. Some fans were even left wondering if Kanye West had put them up to it, which is pretty preposterous. He couldn't have! . . . Right? Ahead, read some reactions from people who found the timing to be just a tad interesting.